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Jorge Garcia not ‘Lost’ with ‘Rock Dog,’ ‘Hawaii Five-0’

Mae Whitman as Darma and Jorge Garcia as Germur in “Rock Dog.”
Mae Whitman as Darma and Jorge Garcia as Germur in “Rock Dog.”

Jorge Garcia’s acting jobs on the TV series “Hawaii Five-0” and in the feature film “Rock Dog” are very different from his other credits. The biggest difference is that the Nebraska native is not having to field an endless stream of questions about the projects like he did with the mysterious “Alcatraz” and the mind-twisting “Lost.”

Although Garcia has been acting for years, he’s best known for playing Hurley on “Lost” from 2004-2010. It was that work that resulted in Garcia having to deal with secret numbers, time-shifting buildings, polar bears or other strange events. His new projects aren’t as weird, and Garcia’s happy to be talking about the two current projects in less confusing terms.

Before being cast as the burned-out goat, Germur, in “Rock Dog,” Garcia had done very little voice work. It wasn’t from a lack of trying.

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“I have always been impressed with people who do voice-over well,” Garcia says during a phone interview from Hawaii during a day off from filming “Hawaii Five-0.”

His appreciation of voice work goes back to when he was a youngster and was a huge fan of the animated “Pinocchio,” “Dumbo,” “The Fox and the Hound” and “Jungle Book.” His memory of first seeing the films is that the music and characters were what impressed him. When he saw the films again as an adult, he was able to fully appreciate all of the craftsmanship – from voices to animation – that went into making the movies.

Now, he’s part of an animated film where he hopes his work will impress viewers.

Garcia voices a very interesting character in “Rock Dog.” Germur, a goat who plays drum for a struggling rock band, is a little burned out. Garcia points to the way the character was designed and written as to what makes Germur so much fun.

“It’s all in the persona of the character they created and how that comes through voice,” Garcia says. “As soon as they showed me a picture of the character, this gray scruffy goat who had a certain roughness, I knew I wanted to be his voice.”

One other thing that makes Garcia happy about being a voice character is that he knows any of his friends who have children will have to hear his voice time after time because youngsters will rewatch animated movies repeatedly.

That might balance out for all the questions he’s asked about his past work. There is a connection between the short-lived “Alcatraz” and “Hawaii Five-0.” The “Alcatraz” writers moved to “Hawaii Five-0” and wrote a character into the series that was perfect for Garcia. A three-episode arc turned into a series regular role.

Garcia loves both of his current jobs. With “Rock Dog,” he gets to join the world of film animation while with “Hawaii Five-0” he generally works a light schedule, which means he has time to return to California for visits.

He would love to do more voice work on one of those trips.

“I feel like I would be better the next time because I learned so much,” Garcia says. “You never know with the way this business is, but if I get another opportunity, it would be great.”

Adding to that greatness would be working on another project that doesn’t generate a flood of questions like he faced after “Lost” ended.

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