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Katie Crown gets excited over voice work in ‘Storks’

Jasper voiced by Danny Trejo and Tulip voiced by Katie Crown in the new animated feature “Storks.”
Jasper voiced by Danny Trejo and Tulip voiced by Katie Crown in the new animated feature “Storks.” Courtesy of Warner Bros. Picture

There’s only a few ways anyone could turn in a voice performance as energetic, excited, enthusiastic and exhilarating as the one done by Katie Crown for the new animated feature film “Storks.

Putting aside anything illegal, a person would need to eat a bag of sugar that’s been poured over a Red Bull float dipped in chocolate. Or, they could just be Katie Crown.

Providing the voice of the over eager Tulip just came natural to the Canadian voice actor/writer/stand-up comedian. She knew exactly how she would play the only human working with a phalanx of storks who have given up delivering babies.

“The description of the character was that she was very optimistic and bubbly,” Crown says. “The main thing is that she’s an optimist. She’s also the voice of reason. She’s a very genuine, bubbly excitable girl.”

After describing the character, Crown pauses and then adds that there’s a lot of herself in Tulip – something director Doug Sweetland pushed her to do.

“He was so open to our ideas which is so nice. I feel like the performance feels more genuine,” Crown says. “It’s a great feeling.”

One reason Sweetland felt so comfortable with Crown is because she has a long list of voice talent credits. You’ve heard her work in “Stoked,” “Clarence,” “Barbie in the Pink Shoes,” “American Dad!,” “Bob’s Burgers” and “Adventure Time.”

Crown is also stand-up comedian. The two worlds are at opposite ends of the performing spectrum – voice work is done in an empty booth with minimum feedback while comedy gets her immediate feedback.

She doesn’t mind working without an audience because it is nerve wracking to stand in front of a crowd. It also goes back to her childhood.

“When I was a 6 or 7, I would make radio shows on cassette tapes,” Crown says. “It was called ‘Kate’s Stuff.’ I did fake news programs. I found a tape and tried to play it for my boyfriend and the tape got eaten as we tried to play it.”

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