Countdown to 'Star Wars'

‘Star Wars’ blew Ramsey’s mind

David Ramsey, who plays John Diggle in “Arrow,” was a big fan of anything science fiction when he was growing up in Detroit. He loves any TV show that featured costumed characters doing incredible things.

He’s been a actor for years but “Arrow” is the closest role he has had to that kind of character.

Along with TV shows, Ramsey loved gong to the movies. When he saw “A New Hope” with his father, the “Star Wars” movie had a major impact on him.

“I saw it in 1977,” Ramsey says. “I remember how big and awesome everything was because I was so young. I remember it being overwhelming.

“Obviously I hadn’t gone to a lot of movies because I was only 6 years old. But, my father was amazed. He was my rock. So, to see his face was how I assessed how big ‘Star Wars’ was.”

Ramsey didn’t fully appreciate the impact “Star Wars” was in regard to the film world until a few years later. He did have a big clue because of seeing his father’s reaction.

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