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‘Star Wars’ impressed ‘Flash’ star

Grant Gustin stars as The Flash.
Grant Gustin stars as The Flash. Dean Buscher/The CW

Grant Gustin wasn’t born until 13 years after “Star Wars: A New Hope” opened. So he’s more of the “Star Wars: Phanrtom Menace” generation.

But, the young actor who is playing The Flash in the CW Network series of the same name still remembers the first time he saw “A New Hope.”

“I was probably 8 when I finally saw ‘A New Hope’,” Gustin tells me during a CBS/CW/Showtime event. “Ironically, I just watched a YouTube video of a 5-year-old British kid with his dad watching ‘A New Hope’ for the first time.

“I had similar reaction. It just blew my mind.”

Gustin’s work is blowing the minds of comic book fans as “The Flash” has become one of the top series on the network.

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