Countdown to 'Star Wars'

New book reveals ‘Star Wars’ secrets

Mark Clark’s book offers behind-the-scenes look at “Star Wars” movies.
Mark Clark’s book offers behind-the-scenes look at “Star Wars” movies.

Those of you who can’t get enough behind-the-scenes information on the “Star Wars” movies should look at getting a copy of Mark Clark’s book “Star Wars FAQ: Everything Left to Know About the Trilogy that Changed the Movies” (Applause Books, $24.99) when it is available in September.

The book offers an original analysis of the series’ enduring appeal and cultural impact with chapters such as “Echo Base: Homage in Star Wars,” “New Hope: Assessing Episode IV” and” Far, Far Away: Production of Star Wars.”

Included are early screenplays drafts that were never filmed and short biographies of many people who made key contributions to the movies’ success. Along the way it unearths under-reported stories and minutiae often skimmed over or completely ignored in other histories of the legendary film series.

Alan Dean Foster, who has written more than a hundred science fiction and fantasy novels, sums up in his forward to the book that “Reading a book like ‘Star Wars FAQ’ is a bit like strolling the streets of London without a guidebook. You know where Big Ben is, but stumbling across the first public drinking fountain in Britain is apt, in its own more modest way, to be even more enchanting.”

The book runs 424 pages.

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