Countdown to 'Star Wars'

‘Star Wars’ DVDs bring force to you

The “Star Wars” movies are all available on DVD.
The “Star Wars” movies are all available on DVD. Rick Bentley

Christian Blauvult, Deputy Culture Editor for, talked to 62 film critics from around the world and polled them for their top 10 Best American Films. Their answers were compiled into the list of the “Top 100 Best American Films.”

“Star Wars” came in No. 36 just behind “Double Indemnity” and ahead of ‘Imitation of Life.” “The Empire Strikes Back” was ranked No. 76 behind “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

The great thing about those two films making the list is that they are available on DVD if you have not seen them. SOme people are looking for the films on VHS because they are the original versions and don’t include the few extra moments of film.

All different kinds of critics are represented in the survey from daily newspaper reviewers, magazine critics, bloggers and broadcasters to authors of book-length academic criticism. The director of the movie did not have to be born in America and the film did not have to be made in America.

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