Countdown to 'Star Wars'

‘Star Wars’ Muggs no longer Mighty

Currently, Pop Figures featuring “Star Wars” characters are popular. If you haven’t seen them, the toys feature characters with tiny bodies and massive heads.

Before they took over the market, Mighty Muggs were all the craze. The toys featured “Star Wars” characters - from Luke Skywalker to General Grievous - designed with very round heads and bodies.

Mighty Muggs were created by Hasbro. Not only was there a “Star Wars” line but the company produced Mighty Muggs for “Transformers,” “Indian Jones” and super hero characters.

The line has been discontinued but you can still find the “Star Wars” might Muggs at conventions and online.

There are “Star Wars” Mighty Muggs on ebay ranging from $4.99 for a Darth Maul to $15.95 for a Wicket.