Countdown to 'Star Wars'

Toy line looks at ‘Star Wars’ science

“The Force Trainer II” is part of the Uncle Milton toy line.
“The Force Trainer II” is part of the Uncle Milton toy line. Rick Bentley

There are “Star Wars” items ranging from underwear to expensive statues. It might be surprising to know that some of the merchandise connected to the franchise can teach science.

That’s the idea behind the line of products released by Uncle Milton (creator of the ant farm). The company has created a line of products that show the similarities between what happens in the “Star Wars” universe and real science.

“The Force Trainer” helps you use the power of concentration to control the Jedi training center with your thoughts. There’s a “Death Star Planetarium” that offers a look at the galaxy. And, you can control the “Mustafar Volcano Lab.”

All of these items were on display at the “Star Wars Celebration” in Anaheim.

Hillary Fine, marketing and public relations manager for Uncle Milton, says: “All of our toys come with educational content.”

The educational products available through Uncle Milton can be purchased at retail stores and can be seen at