Countdown to 'Star Wars'

The force is strong for Kathy Bonilla when it comes to ‘Star Wars’

Kathy Bonilla’s office at Fresno City College features several “Star Wars” items.
Kathy Bonilla’s office at Fresno City College features several “Star Wars” items. Kathy Bonilla

Kathy Bonilla, the Fresno City College public information officer, shares her memory of seeing the first “Star Wars” movie and how she’s shared her love of “Star Wars” with her daughter, Angelina, and nephew, Gregory Bargas.

She writes:

I was 16 when I first say “A New Hope.” I remember being at a wedding reception and my cousin asked me if I had seen “Star Wars” yet. I told him I hadn’t but had heard such great things about it that I wanted to go soon.

We agreed to go the following Saturday. I was mesmerized. I loved it. I must have seen it about five times that summer, each time seeing something new and exciting. Through the years, my love of “Star Wars” has only grown.

When “Phantom Menace” was going to be released, the movie theaters showed the original three movies on the big screen. I wanted to share my joy of “Star Wars” with my daughter, niece and two nephews. The older nephew thought they were just OK. My niece (who was young) didn’t quite understand that Anakin Skywalker was Darth Vader so she was banned from seeing anymore of the movies.

My daughter became a fan. But my second nephew became my kindred spirit when it comes to “Star Wars.” He’s as big a fan as I am. Gregory grew to love all the films too. Once when I said something about Phantom Menace having some faults, he said “What do you mean? There’s nothing wrong with the movie!”.

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