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Hollywood Notebook: They call it mellow yellow on ‘FABLife’

The cast of “FABLife” (from left) Leah Ashley, Joe Zee, Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen and Lauren Makk work in a very yellow world.
The cast of “FABLife” (from left) Leah Ashley, Joe Zee, Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen and Lauren Makk work in a very yellow world. Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution

If you have tuned in to watch the new syndicated daytime talk show “FABLife,” you had to notice the abundance of the color yellow used on the set. The selection came out of a conversation two of the hosts had the first time they sat down together to test their chemistry for the show.

Fashion master Joe Zee and model maven Tyra Banks were together when a question about their favorite color was asked.

“We both say ‘yellow’ at the same time, at the exact same time,” Zee says. “I’m, like, ‘I’ve got you. Yellow’ I mean, who says yellow?”

That was the moment the show’s hue was selected. It’s a decision none of the cast has regretted.

Zee feels like he’s facing a new day each time he looks at the show’s logo. For him, the yellow suggests a wake-up call to go start a new day. And that’s a major theme with the show.

“It’s like those days you get up, and you are like, ‘I can’t wait to start today?’ That’s what the yellow is for me. Colors and fashion come and go all the time, and I think to have a color like that, sort of be a thing that lasts forever, is just really refreshing,” Zee says.

Being part of the “FABLife” team has meant some big changes for Zee. The Hong Kong-born Canadian fashion stylist, journalist and businessman has added color to his closest that had been all black, white and gray.

He jokes that a few days ago he wore a purple suit.

Zee’s sharing his fashion sense on the the series. Unlike his life away from the show, where his attention is usually on the rich and famous, the audience for “FABife” is made up of average women.

Whether it’s a superstar or soccer mom, Zee has seen a familiar fashion reaction.

“I think people come to that place where fashion becomes really intimidating or frustrating. Like, even when people meet me, they are, like, ‘Oh, I was scared to meet you.’ I’m, like, ‘Why?’ And I think there’s been so much out there in terms of the, like, ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ sort of persona behind that,” Zee says.

“I’ve always treated fashion as it should be fun. We all get up every day. We all pick something to wear. It defines who we are. And I love the idea that you can do that regardless of who you are, where you are, what you do, how old you are, and all of those things.”

Directing his own career

Many fans think of Fred Savage as an actor. But he has far more credits as a director.

He’s been behind the camera on “2 Broke Girls,” “Modern Family,” “The Goldbergs,” “The Michael J. Fox Show” and “Whitney,” just to name a few.

Now he’s back in front of the cameras for his new Fox comedy, “The Grinder.” He plays an attorney whose actor brother (Rob Lowe) decides he can practice law after his legal drama TV series gets canceled.

“The Grinder” was so intriguing to Savage, he decided to return to acting and not worry if it means an end of his directing career.

“It seemed like something really fun to do. I really liked the character. I really liked their idea for the show. I really liked the opportunity that it presented, just in terms of the pure a fun way to spend time,” Savage says. “And so it was really freeing and exciting to just do something because it was exciting and not have to worry about where it was going to lead and what was going to happen.

Savage, who acted on “The Wonder Years,” wants to spend some time focusing on his acting,

Having been behind the cameras has given him a real respect for directors. He’s looking forward to working with “The Grinder” directors to help him improve his skills.

He’s happy to be acting again, but he wasn’t nagged by it over the years.

“I would sit behind the monitors and just really appreciate the actors. And it was more than a few times where I was, like, ‘Boy, I’m glad I’m not out there. That is hard out there, man, with everyone looking at you.’ So I didn’t really think I missed it,” Savage says.

Other news

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