Rick Bentley

Comcast releases list of channel changes

Comcast is moving digital channels to higher numbers.
Comcast is moving digital channels to higher numbers. AP

Comcast has released more information regarding the shifting of local channels on the cable systems lineup.

On or around Aug. 25, Comcast plans to shuffle many of the local digital channels to other places on lineup.

Keep in mind that it’s only the second and/or third digital channel for a local station — currently found on Comcast between channels 187-201 — that are moving. Primary channels at the lowest end of the Comcast lineup — such as ABC30, KSEE24, FOX26, CBS47 and ValleyPBS — won’t change.

Channels 187-201 are included in all Comcast packages, even the limited basic.

The reason for the shift is that the cable provider wants to group similar channels. Room to add more local digital channels was getting thin and there’s more opportunity to add digital channels at the higher spots on the lineup. Here’s a list of channels moving:

  • KGMC Me TV, 187 to 375
  • KMPH This, 189 to 390
  • KVPT VME, 192 to 396
  • KVPT Create, 194 to 395
  • KSEE LATV, 196 to 387
  • KFRE Estre, 198 to 392
  • KMSG Azteca, 199 to 377
  • KMSG Antenna TV, 200 to 378
  • KNSO Exito, 201 to 384
  • KBTV, 238 to 398

Two of the digital channels on the Comcast lineup — KAIL 7.2 and 7.3 — are being dropped. KAIL 7.2 carries Cozi TV programming, while 7.3 offers a Heroes and Icons lineup. This is not connected to the upcoming shift. That move is in connection with the change of ownership at the local station.

The loss of KAIL 7.2 has upset some San Francisco Giants fans. The local station has been broadcasting a handful of games on the station.

Once KAIL 7.2 leaves the Comcast lineup, the only way you will be able to see it is as an over-the-air channel. That means you will need to get an antenna.

No one from Aperio Communications LLC, owners of KAIL, could be reached for comment.