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Hollywood Notebook: Motherhood has changed actress Blake Lively

Lively late for interview regarding ‘Adaline’

Being a mom has made big difefrence with Lively

Maslany has input with ‘Orphan Black’ work


My interview with Blake Lively is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. She’s meeting with the press to discuss her feature film, “The Age of Adaline,” where she plays a woman who stops aging at 29.

It’s been a few years since Lively has done a film or TV show, so there’s plenty to discuss.

It gets to be 10:10 then 10:15. It’s at this point a fear creeps into my head: Maybe she’s become a prima donna and this interview may take place anytime between now and midnight.

At 10:30 she arrives and immediately starts to apologize.

“I am sorry, but I needed to pump milk for the baby,” Lively says.

Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds became parents four months ago. She goes on to say that instead of being late, she told everyone that she could take a robe with her and pump the milk while talking about the movie. Her publicist nixed that idea.

I’m glad I waited. Lively is so open and entertaining while talking about the movie, which opens April 24.

Normally, I avoid family questions. That seems more like fodder for gossip magazines. But, this interview starts with her talking about her baby. That seems like an opening.

As for life as a mommy, Lively says she considers herself fortunate to be able to be a mom and continue to work on projects like “Adaline.”

As for how being a new parent has changed her, she says: “My boobs are huge and awesome. That’s the most significant change.”

Maslany continues to shine

The third season of one of the best shows on television, BBC America’s “Orphan Black,” has launched. Just like in the first and second seasons, the work of series star Tatiana Maslany continues to amaze.

For those of you who haven’t seen the show (and shame on you for that), it’s about cloning. Maslany plays multiple characters all made from the same genetic parts. The roles have her going from playing a top scientist to a housewife and every extreme between.

She knew when the series started she would be playing the characters named Beth, Sarah, Alison and Cosima.

“But then we introduced Helena midway through the season, and then later in the season we introduced Rachel, and season two we introduced Tony and Jennifer,” Maslany says. “So those characters all came out while we were shooting.”

She didn’t just find out about each new clone when the next script arrived. The actress has long conversations with executive producers John Fawcett and Graeme Manson about the characters.

“They ask me questions about where I see the character’s coming from or where I want them to go. So I’ve had a very unique experience on this show wherein I’m able to give my input and sort of help mold the characters and decide who is coming up next,” Maslany says. “Initially I had no idea. I didn’t know what I was getting into, but I was just excited about the prospect of whatever it was going to be and that challenge.”

She’s answered the challenge so well, she has won numerous awards.

The series has opened lots of doors for the actress. She’s gone from being a guest actor in TV shows to being offered leads in films.

“The biggest change is the opportunities that are now in front of me, and this sort of scripts that I get to read or directors I get to meet who I would never have met prior to ‘Orphan Black.’ It’s been such a good platform for me,” Maslany says. “I think that range has given me a foot into comedy or a foot into high drama or a foot into sort of macabre, more horror stuff. So it’s just been a great platform for me.”

She can meet all the directors she likes as long as she doesn’t get pulled away from the amazing “Orphan Black.”