Rick Bentley

New reality show looking for people to honor

• Participants sought for new reality show

• Program designed to be a ‘feel good’ event

• Deadline is the end of April to submit names


The team behind the new network series “Anything Can Happen” is searching for people and families with extraordinary stories. A new TV series will reward those selected with a surprise of a lifetime or allow you to reveal a big surprise to someone in front of a national TV audience.

“Anything Can Happen” (a working title) is from executive producer Simon Fuller, the man behind such hits as “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Kim Kessler, the casting producer looking for participants, stresses the key to this show is surprise. That means don’t contact the person you have nominated to tell them what you did. All that information will be revealed if the person is selected.

Those nominated won’t have to sing, dance or eat a shoe to be honored. Kessler describes the program as partly a variety program and partly a game show.

This is a “feel good” program. Rewards for those who participate can be a new car or wardrobe. It can also be cash. What is a pat on the back worth?

To apply, or to nominate someone, send an email to Kim@kasstinginc.com. Be sure to include your name, phone number, e-mail address and a brief description about the person or family. The deadline is the end of April.

Producers hope the show airs this summer. Kessler says it’s better to nominate early in case the show gets a huge number of names and the nominations end.

Many of you probably come in contact with a person worthy of a little attention. Do something nice and submit their names, it only costs you is a few minutes of time. It could payoff with a lifetime of gratitude.