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What’s with the demolition happening at the Clovis Rodeo? Big changes coming for 2020

Some big changes are coming to the Clovis Rodeo..

With less than a month until this year’s rodeo kicks off (it runs April 25-28), plans are already underway for the 2020 event, which will see construction of a new entrance to the rodeo grounds, according to a new release.

Guests will still enter off Clovis Avenue, but the new entrance will be more in line with 7th Street (right near the 14-foot bronze statue the rodeo commissioned for its centennial). There will be four lanes of traffic running into the rodeo lot to ease access in and out of the event, and a new digital message board will be installed along Clovis Avenue.

Work on the project won’t officially begin until after this year’s rodeo, but observers may have some demolition happening at the rodeo grounds on Friday.

The Clovis Rodeo

The old gas station building out front was torn down to make way for the construction. The station was once owned by Glen Phebus, the father of long-time rodeo association director Rex Phebus.

That won’t be the only change for the Clovis Rodeo next year.

The rodeo is also expanding to five days, with the first performances happening Wednesday through Sunday. The rodeo concerts will remain on Thursday and Friday nights, and the parade and dance will continue to run as normal.

It was back in 2005 when the rodeo became a four-day event.

It had been a weekend-only event until 1999.

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