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Has the nostalgia trend jumped the shark? Consider Zima

Zima is back in limited release, proving nostalgia is a poweful thing.
Zima is back in limited release, proving nostalgia is a poweful thing.

According to its website, Zima is like summer; likely a summer you had in the mid ’90s that you had mostly forgotten about until someone dredged up some photos and forced you to come face to face with the past.

The fact that the flavored malt beverage is back on the shelves – and that some people are legitimately excited – proves we’re in a full-on nostalgia binge.

Tristan Meline, a senior marketing manager for MillerCoors, said as much, talking about Zima’s relaunch in a story in The Sacramento Bee.

“If you were an adult in the ’90s, you probably have a great story associated with Zima. Two decades later, ’90s inspiration is everywhere, from food to fashion, and more – it’s clear the decade has made a comeback.”

It’s the reason The New Kids on the Block can go on tour as middle-aged men and still pack an arena. See also Def Leppard, Janet Jackson, Incubus and to some extent, Everclear. It’s the reason for “Fuller House” and the return of “Twin Peaks” and “Roseanne.”

And Zima is not the first beverage to be put back on store shelves. Just last month, there was a run on Clearly Canadian when local stores started restocking the drink. The Original New York Seltzer was brought back (small bottles and all) in 2015 after a massive social media push.

Nor is the idea of Zima – a sweet-tasting alcoholic beverage that’s more soda than beer – an anomaly in today’s market. See: Riley’s entire line of hard soda beverages.

Zima will be available through Labor Day. There will be some really entertaining social media, no doubt.

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