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Here are a few movies you should see this weekend

Hugh Jackman stars in “Logan.”
Hugh Jackman stars in “Logan.” AP

There are at least three big screen offerings in local theaters this weekend that are worth your time.

“Get Out”: Jordan Peele, the former “MADtv” cast member better known these days as half of the comedy duo of Key and Peele, has created a 21st century horror film that is similar in tone and design to “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” or “The Stepford Wives.” The terror comes from never knowing where or when the danger will come in a world that, on the surface, looks perfectly normal.

“Logan”: The film is a reminder there’s a serious reason comic books have such a big following. Comics aren’t just a place for flashy drawings of characters with bulging muscles. They often feature stories with multiple emotional ebbs and flows. The writers give the superheroes depth and purpose. This film embraces the emotional elements of the “X-Men” story that has unfolded in the comics, creating a touching and powerful bookend to the tales of the tortured character known as Wolverine, who first appeared on screen in 2000 in “X-Men.”

“The LEGO Batman Movie”: This film revolves around a grumbling Batman, who outwardly appears to be the coolest superhero on the planet. As with EVERY Batman that has appeared on TV, film or in the pages of comic books, inwardly Batman is haunted by the death of his parents. Even his butler, Alfred (Ralph Fiennes), knows Batman needs a family.“The LEGO Batman Movie” is fun, visually stunning and a memory trip for Batman fans.

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