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Here are three movies worth seeing this weekend

“Everybody Loves Somebody” is a sweet tale of romance worth seeing this weekend.
“Everybody Loves Somebody” is a sweet tale of romance worth seeing this weekend.

There are at least three big screen offerings in local theaters this weekend that are worth your time.

“The LEGO Batman Movie”: This film revolves around a grumbling Batman, who outwardly appears to be the coolest superhero on the planet. As with EVERY Batman that has appeared on TV, film or in the pages of comic books, inwardly Batman is haunted by the death of his parents. Even his butler, Alfred (Ralph Fiennes), knows Batman needs a family. It’s fun for the entire family.

“John Wick: Chapter 2”: The sequel to the 2014 action film starring Keanu Reeves has a plot that can be written on a fortune cookie: That’s not important. Director Chad Stahelski, whose first directing job was “John Wick,” has opted to once again forgo plot and character development to leave more room for murder and mayhem. This is perfect when it comes to Reeves whose acting energy always seems to be either low or played at such an inward way that there has not been an actor better suited for limited dialogue since Clint Eastwood was blasting his way through bad guys as Dirty Harry.

Everybody Loves Somebody: Karla Souza stars in this sweet romance playing a woman who is torn between two men. There’s not enough comedy to call this a rom-com but there is plenty of romance. It’s worth seeing for Souza’s performance. Please note the film is in both English and Spanish (with subtitles).

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