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Looking for an uneducated mate this Valentine’s Day? Fresno’s great for that, study says

Allow me to present the most Fresno thing you will read this week: Our fair city is the second-worst metropolitan area in the country to find a single man or woman with a college degree.

That’s according to a study done just in time for Valentine’s Day by real estate website Trulia. It crunched U.S. Census data on the 100 largest metropolitan areas to churn out a variety of data on local singles in your area. It looks at everything from age demographics to education to marital history.

According to the study, Fresno has the second-lowest percentage (12.1 percent for men, 15.7 for women) of single adults with at least a college degree. We’re only a few spots behind Detroit, so that’s good – right?

Don’t strain yourself too much trying to guess the second: It’s our beloved neighbors to the south, Bakersfield (9 percent for men and 11.9 for women). Single men also outnumber single women at a higher rate in Bakersfield than in anywhere else in the country.

Trulia does its best to spin this data as if it isn’t a total burn on Fresno: “If lack of a diploma isn’t a deal breaker, then inland California might be the place to go. Riverside, Fresno, and Bakersfield have some of the lowest percentages of single adults with a college degree.”

The city with the most eligible grads? Again, no shock that it’s San Francisco.

San Francisco also boasts the most “marriage-material guys” – men in their 30s with at least a college degree, a full-time job and no previous marriages. Silver Spring, Maryland boasts the most women of the same criteria.

Some more fun Fresno numbers: We are number 13 and seven, respectively, in terms of most single men and women in their 20s. I read that as me and my fellow Fresno millennials rising up against an antiquated and oppressive system designed primarily as a means to clear up property disputes when a man died at 42. But maybe that’s just me.

Fresno also has the 10th most single men who do not work 40 hours a week (54.3 percent), and the city is number 20 in most single women who do the same (66 percent). Happy hunting!