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I interview a mustache, all in the name of charity

Meet Kyle Lowe’s Mustache, or KLM for short.
Meet Kyle Lowe’s Mustache, or KLM for short. Special to The Bee

You might have noticed a few more mustaches during November than usual. That’s thanks to the Movember Foundation, which raises money to fight prostate and testicular cancer. Local creative guy Kyle Lowe (musician, filmmaker, “Hamilton” standby) is an ardent supporter of the cause, and once again this year he’s documented the cultivation of his mustache on Facebook and Instagram. (The last time he shaved his upper lip was Halloween.)

To mark Giving Tuesday, I thought of checking in with Lowe to ask about his Movember experience, but then I had a better idea: Why not interview his mustache?

Q: Well, hello, Kyle Lowe’s Mustache. May I call you KLM for short?

A: Hello! Yes, KLM will work. I don’t think Royal Dutch Airlines will find out.

Q: You’re a youngster, I see, only 28 days old. Does that mean you have a fresh and hopeful outlook on the world?

A: I’m very hopeful. At least in the sense that a cure for prostate and testicular cancer can be found and that better treatments for mental health can be developed. And I’m pretty fresh too. Kyle remembered to shower today.

Q: I’m not sure how much you know about facial hair trends, KLM, but there aren’t many “just mustaches” out there today. As you’ve viewed the world this November, has that made you feel special? Or self-conscious?

A: I’ve noticed that a majority of people don’t don just a mustache. I do feel pretty special, but I hope more people realize that a mustache like me is a pretty neat way to make a face stand out.

Q: Along that line, there was a time several decades ago when mustaches were all the rage. (Have your owner do a Google search for Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds.) Do you long for that era?

A: Wow, those are some great mustaches. Was that the era that people wearing “Make America Great Again” hats were referring to? Either way, I hear trends come back around, so I’ll be excited to see some more mustache friends soon.

Q: As November has progressed, has your owner taken any ribbing for having you?

A: There hasn’t been too much ribbing, but I am quite a conversation starter.

Q: This would be a good time, KLM, to tell us why you’re here. Fill us in on the Movember cause.

A: Yes! The Movember Foundation is raising funds every November for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health research. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas grow mustaches or do other health related activities and collect donations for the Movember Foundation. Check out my Movember page for more information.

Q: Fill in the blank: Every mustache needs a __________ every three days.

A: Every mustache needs a photograph EVERY day (but at least every three days). Check out Kyle’s Instagram account for my glamour shots.

Q: Do you think your existence increases the likelihood your owner gets kissed? Or is it a deterrent?

A: It’s hard to tell if I’m a kiss magnet or deterrent. Kyle doesn’t seem to get a lot of kisses, but I also didn’t prevent any awkward kisses from elderly family over Thanksgiving.

Q: Do you get along with beards and goatees, or do you get hung up on all that extra hair?

A: I’m not a judgmental mustache. Plenty of Kyle’s friends have beards and goatees and we all get along great. I’m having lunch with a very nice beard on Kyle’s coworker’s face tomorrow.

Q: November is almost over, KLM. You know what that means. What do you want your last meal to be?

A: Wait. Last meal? What are you talking about? What’s happening at the end of November?

Q: Before you go, any last words?

A: Visit Kyle’s Movember page to learn more and donate! And is there anyway to extend the month of November indefinitely?