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Thanks to the demise of a popular restaurant, we know how much a mounted moose head is worth - or maybe not

This moose head at the shuttered Tahoe Joe’s restaurant in Fresno was auctioned for $560.
This moose head at the shuttered Tahoe Joe’s restaurant in Fresno was auctioned for $560. Special to The Bee

An auction to clear out everything in the Fresno Tahoe Joe’s location that closed last month gave someone the rare opportunity to own a wall-mounted duck on a stump.

Many of the items in the online-only auction, which closed Saturday morning, were mundane restaurant stuff: tables and chairs, refrigerators and storage (example: a wall-mounted cheese melter that sold for $160). But it was the decorative pieces that really stood out, including wall-mounted fish, antique tools and a large wooden canoe. The latter attracted 82 bids and sold for $1,675.

(The duck on a stump was picked up for $40.)

Among the items listed for sale were two wall-mounted moose heads, one with a final bid of $460, and the other going for $560. But the winning bidders for the moose heads were in for a disappointment.

When one man went to pick up his moose head Saturday, he walked around the restaurant but didn’t see it. That’s when a worker told him the moose heads were leased to the restaurant and not meant to be in the online auction at all. Both bidders of the moose heads were told the owner had come for them on Thursday, but the auction site hadn’t been informed.

Also up for auction were wall-mounted bison and deer heads, which seem to have sold without a hitch for $390 and $190, respectively.

Most of the items started out at $5 when the auction began Thursday, with some items reaching nearly 100 bids.

The restaurant, near Shaw and Marks avenues, was the original Tahoe Joe’s Famous Steakhouse.

A representative for the restaurant’s parent company, Food Management Partners, said it was closed for “business reasons,” and didn’t elaborate.

The company division that oversaw Tahoe Joe’s and several sister restaurants has filed for bankruptcy and closed more than 150 restaurants nationwide, including the Clovis HomeTown Buffet, which was shuttered last month.

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