Kasey Kahl makes video apology for hitting man, woman

Reality television personality Kasey Kahl has made a video apology to the man and woman he hit during a Fresno bar fight last year.

The video surfaced on the website TMZ. It's dated May 30, two days after Kahl, 30, of Clovis was sentenced to three years probation and community service in Fresno County Superior Court after pleading no contest to battery in the case.

Kahl was accused of breaking the nose of a man in the early morning hours of Jan. 15, 2012, at Club Habanos near Palm and Herndon avenues. He was detained by the nightclub's security staff.

Police reports say a couple was outside the club when Kahl approached them and began talking to the woman. She told Kahl to "stop talking to her."

Kahl's lawyer, Gerald Schwab, said Kahl tried to shake the man's hand, but the man called him names and slapped his hand away before the disagreement escalated into a fight. Both he and the man had been drinking alcohol before the fight.

Kahl hit the man several times in the face and head, the report said.

When the woman tried to pull Kahl off her boyfriend, she scratched Kahl's neck and was hit in the face by Kahl, the report said.

In the 74-second video, Kahl reads from a written statement. "He called me a douchebag, and I became upset. In a moment of anger, I sucker-punched (the man) and continued to hit him in the face multiple times."

Kahl later says that the man and woman were "in no way attempting to gain 15 minutes of fame as stated by my representatives. This was merely an attempt to put the blame on someone else. And I am truly sorry."