Frequently Asked Questions

We're always improving

Our website is updated periodically to keep up with our readers and the changing technologies they use. Most recently we made it match the tempo and style of The Fresno Bee in print. Our newest design adapts to most any device, making it easier for you to enjoy our content whether you’re at your desk, using a mobile phone or a tablet.

If information has been removed from the paper, can I find it online, and if so, where?

All of our local news coverage is online as it happens. You can find it on our homepage, fresnobee.com, as well as in local news subsections including education, water, crime and many more. Also, you can find complete, live Sports coverage, from Major League Baseball to golf and motor sports, online at fresnobee.com/sports. For financial reports anytime, go to fresnobee.com/stocks.

What are my digital subscription options?

There are several options. 


Without a digital subscription, you will have unlimited access to some portions of our site, including the Home Page, section fronts, Dealsaver, Cars.com, real estate listings and other advertising areas. Access to some other content will be limited to a set number of pages every 30 days. Once you reach the page limit, you'll need to subscribe or wait 30 days to view additional content. Mobile devices have a different limit.


What if I don’t want digital access?

Most of our readers use Fresnobee.com or our mobile apps, so bundling them makes sense. But if you never use the website, don’t have a smartphone or tablet,  you can opt out of the digital portion of your subscription.  Please note that we do have content that only goes online, so you will miss this – breaking news and updates, databases, photo galleries and videos, and additional letters to the editor are just some of the examples.  The ‘print only’ weekly rate will be calculated as  50% of your combo subscription.  The full basic weekly rate for a ‘digital only’ subscription is $11.48.  The full basic weekly rate for the ‘print only’ products are $11.48 for Daily/ Sunday; $7.72 for Thursday-Sunday; $6.38 for Saturday / Sunday and $6.18 for Sunday Only delivery plus tax and delivery charges.  To opt out, just  call us at 800-877-3400.

What is different about the mobile and tablet app?

Our apps will have a new look, improved navigation and easier-to-read type.

What is the e-Edition?

The e-Edition is an exact replica of the print version, just online. It is included in your Fresno Bee Plus subscription. You can view, download, save and search any story, photo or ad. You can customize it for stories of interest to you. As an added bonus, you also have access to 14 days of archives. And everyday comes with Sports Extra, our deeper look at the previous day’s pro sports results.

Can I access the e-Edition even if I don’t get the email that day?

Absolutely. You can access the e-Edition directly from the website at www.fresnobee.com/e-edition. You can also download the app from the iTunes or Google Play store. It can also be accessed through The Bee’s iPad app.

What time is the e-Edition available?

The e-Edition is available by 5:00 AM each day, but often times between 3-4 AM, local time.

What is Sports Extra and how do I get Sports Extra?

The electronic version of The Bee’s print edition includes Sports Extra pages devoted to extra pro sports content like Major League Baseball standings and box scores. It’s included with your Bee Plus subscription. You can sign up for the E-edition at www.fresnobee.com/e-edition/.

Where can I find obituaries?

You can also find this content online at www.legacy.com/obituaries/fresnobee

Where do I find Food and Drink content?

In Wednesday’s Food section. We have also added food and drink content to the 7 entertainment section. You can access additional Food and Drink coverage online at www.fresnobee.com/living/food-drink and at The Bee’s lifestyle and entertainment blog www.fresnobeehive.com.

Where do I find Home and Garden content?

In the new Thursday Home and Garden section. Also, online at www.fresnobee.com/living.