David White

June 14, 2014

David White's Three-Point Stance: Kings, Giants, A's signal it's party time in California

Kings are crowned, and who knows maybe even the Lakers might join California's new gold rush of sports success.

1. The Kings won the Stanley Cup. The Giants and A's lead their respective major leagues. The 49ers are a Super Bowl 50 contender. If the Lakers get their NBA act together, we just may be California Dreamin' all year long.

2. To watch the San Antonio Spurs is to remember why we loved the game of basketball way back when. Crisp passing. Intense defense. Team-first players. Let the Miami Heat have Carmelo Anthony. I'll take Tim Duncan and pass-first band of no-names eight games out of seven.

3. Paging Fresno State President Joseph Castro. Mr. Castro, please pick up the white courtesy phone. A Fresno State wrestling program hoping you will reinstate it after all is waiting on Line 1.

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David White


David White is a former sportswriter for The Fresno Bee and the San Francisco Chronicle. He is pastor of the Porterville Church of God.

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