David White

June 7, 2014

David White's Three-Point Stance: Giants showing they're built on more than Posey

• 1. Buster Posey didn't hit a home run for over a month and was batting .196 at home ... and the Giants still hit 40 wins faster than any time in franchise history? Best record in the majors, with their best player taking the month off. Because, everyone named Brian Sabean saw this coming.

• 2. How many 2014 draft picks does it take to have a winning season? Apparently more than six -- that's how many Fresno State baseball players just got picked coming off a 28-29 season. The 2008 College World Series seems longer ago by the minute.

• 3. Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie watched his son heave the shot put at the high school state championships at Buchanan High this weekend. And we thought the Raiders only cared about blazing 40 times.

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David White


David White is a former sportswriter for The Fresno Bee and the San Francisco Chronicle. He is pastor of the Porterville Church of God.

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