David White

May 7, 2014

David White: Carr shopping? Five NFL teams particularly like Fresno State QB

Fresno Bee Sunday columnist David White handicaps where former Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr could end up at the NFL Draft.

Fresno Bee Sunday columnist David White handicaps where former Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr could end up at the NFL Draft.


  • How it happens: Browns package their No. 26 overall pick -- their second of two first-round picks -- to jump in front of quarterback-needy Arizona to snap up Carr at No. 19.

  • Why it happens: Cleveland hasn't found a franchise QB since its rebirth in 1999, and has spent enough offseason time with Carr to love what they see.

  • Pros: Cleveland has been a Factory of Sadness for so long, the city is dying to embrace a hero.

  • Cons: They're the Cleveland Browns for a reason. This is where quarterback dreams go to die.

  • How it happens: The Raiders won't pick Carr fifth overall but will trade back into the back half of the first round to take Carr before the Browns can.

  • Why it happens: General manager Reggie McKenzie is looking for a character-first quarterback, and Carr fits the bill.

  • Pros: The trade for Matt Schaub buys time for Carr to develop into the quarterback of the future.

  • Cons: Have you seen the offensive line? Derek would relive David Carr's rookie nightmare.

  • How it happens: There's a sudden run on quarterbacks in the front half of the first round, allowing Carr to fall to them at No. 20 overall.

  • Why it happens: Veteran quarterback Carson Palmer is 34. The Cardinals need to groom a replacement, and Carr is a cardboard cutout of a younger Palmer.

  • Pros: Carr gets to learn under a solid veteran and eventually inherit a winning team.

  • Cons: You mean he's got to face the 49ers and Seahawks defenses four times a year?

  • How it happens: If the top of the QB class stumbles down the draft charts, the Jaguars get first dibs on Carr when the second-round begins Friday.

  • Why it happens: The Jaguars coached Carr at the Senior Bowl, visited his Pro Day, hosted him on a visit. ... That's a lot of due diligence going on.

  • Pros: Carr can get straight to his NFL education as a rookie starter.

  • Cons: They're the Jaguars, enough said.

  • How it happens: An unexpected run of quarterbacks in the top 10 leaves the Titans needing to take the best QB still on the board when they pick 11th.

  • Why it happens: Returner Jake Locker is the answer, only if the question is "Who is about to lose their starting gig?"

  • Pros: New coach Ken Whisenhunt knows how to develop quarterbacks, and can use Carr's experience in both spread and pro-style offenses.

  • Cons: No more running back Chris Johnson means lots of heavy lifting for the quarterback.

  • Kansas City: The Chiefs haven't locked up veteran Alex Smith to a long-term deal, and we all know how much coach Andy Reid loves to collect future quarterbacks.

  • Tampa Bay: Offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford passed on Carr at Cal. Will he do it again?

  • Minnesota: Offensive coordinator Norv Turner couldn't say enough about Carr at his Pro Day.

  • Houston: With the No. 1 overall pick, the Texans ... please, no. Just, no.

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