David White

April 5, 2014

David White: Clovis grad Kate Scott manages chaotic Bay Area sports scene just fine

Giants, 49ers, tire fire in the Caldecott Tunnel. Name another radio personality who covers that much grass, with that strong of a swing.

Kate Scott wakes up in a time-frozen panic. The obnoxious alarm tells her it's 3 o'clock, but 3 o'clock what, and where's the snooze button on this blasted thing, anyway?

If it's 3 in the a.m., that means she has to get to the KNBR radio studios in downtown San Francisco, where she is a morning sports anchor and third voice in the "Murph and Mac" and "Gary and Larry" sports-talk radio shows until the noon hour.

"Most days, I question what I'm doing with my life when I'm getting up at 3 in the morning," said Scott, a 2001 Clovis High graduate who shares the city's predawn roads with a sprinkling of taxis, airport shuttles and garbage trucks going the second way on one-way streets.

"Then I remember I get paid to talk about sports, and how awesome is that? So I take my shower, do my makeup, get my coffee and drive to work."

Yeah, but what if it's 3 in the afternoon? That means she has to get up from her midday nap and drive to San Jose, where she is a sideline reporter for Major League Soccer's Earthquakes and minor-league baseball's Class-A Giants.

That, or she stays in the city to co-host a "SFG Live" webcast, or is on the set of Yahoo! Sports Talk Live for the local Comcast Sports television crowd.

"I feel like I'm Bill Murray in 'Ground Hog Day,' " Scott said. "Every time I wake up, I'm hitting the alarm and it says 3 again. Sometimes I freak out because I don't remember if it's morning again. It takes me a minute. ... 'Wait a second, there's daylight, this is the second time around, you can relax.' "

Yeah, but what if it's Oct. 2, 2012, and Scott doesn't know what year it is, never mind the time? Last thing she doesn't remember seeing that day was the Lincoln Town Car that blew through a red light at 40 mph and broadsided Scott on her bicycle.

For days, Scott couldn't remember what she did for a living -- and not just because it's hard to keep all those job titles straight. She woke up at San Francisco General Hospital with no memory.

Nothing about being a four-sport star from Clovis. Nothing about being a two-show voice at one of the biggest sports stations in America. Scott woke up thinking she was still a traffic reporter for a local un-sports radio station none of us have even heard of.

Then, someone told her what she really does by way of career. Suddenly, Scott remembered her dreams came true all over again.

"I get to do what? That is awesome!"

So is Scott after three years behind an open KNBR mic.

Listen to her drop knowledge during the 9-to-noon hours with Gary Radnich, speedballing her counterpoints up-and-in against the uncle who's done this since ever.

Giants, 49ers, tire fire in the Caldecott Tunnel. Name another radio personality who covers that much grass, with that strong of a swing.

We get it: Not everyone wants to hear women give more than perky sports and traffic updates on the hour. Sports-talk radio can be a dark forest. Unemployed trolls with 808-KNBR on the speed dial often wander these woods from the basement of mom's house.

Got some news for them: Scott and her sports talk isn't going back to the farm in Clovis, and besides, Clovis doesn't even have any farms anymore, so can we get current with the joke book?

Scott isn't some Fres-neck from Fres-tucky -- and yes, those are real terms used in the Bay Area. She's showing the fourth-largest radio market in the nation that our Valley's sports cycle extends beyond the scope of Selland Arena tractor pulls and Clovis Rodeo calf roping.

Country mice, we're not. Consider Scott your morning wake-up call.

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