David White

April 5, 2014

David White's Three-Point Stance: Fresno State's second QB will get a shot of his own

1. Want to know the real winner in Fresno State's race to replace quarterback Derek Carr? Eventually, it'll be the loser of the Brian Burrell-Myles Carr starting competition. That'll be the one taking over after the initial starter gets broken in by USC, Utah and Nebraska during the first three weeks on the fall season. So, chin up, No. 2: Sometimes the short straw works out best in the long run.

2. Dear NFL Draft experts on my radio dial: Derek Carr is not a bubble-screen product of a video-game spread scheme. He ran a pro-style offense half his college career under a pro-game coach, with guidance from a pro-quarterback brother. So, just stop.

3. The Dodgers cracked on outfielder Yasiel Puig for being arrested twice last year for reckless speeding. Then, they benched him on Friday for arriving late to the home opener against the Giants. Because, Puig can't realize there's a happy medium between 110 mph and half-past the tardy bell. Vin Scully will soon be wishing for a grave to roll over in.

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David White is a former sportswriter for The Fresno Bee and the San Francisco Chronicle. He is pastor of the Porterville Church of God.

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