David White

March 29, 2014

David White's Three-Point Stance: One giant leap for Scheppers

Tanner Scheppers, LeBron James and Clayton Kershaw get the once-over in this week's Stance.

1. Fernandomania, meet Schepperspalooza. Former Fresno State arm Tanner Scheppers is making his first MLB start on opening day, the first to combine the two feats since the Dodgers' Fernando Valenzuela in 1981. Sure, the only reason Scheppers drew the long straw is because ace Yu Darvish is hurt, but still ... from setup reliever to front of the rotation? Good luck sending Scheppers back to the bullpen now.

2. So, filthy rich NBA icon LeBron James is jealous of the $292 million deal that went to Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera. Here's an easy solution to guarantee such riches can be his: quit basketball, sign a minor league contract like Michael Jordan and ... oh, that's right. Never mind.

3. Dodgers beast Clayton Kershaw went on the 15-day disabled list and won't pitch the home opener against the Giants on Friday. They say he has back trouble. Funny, I thought all his pain was in the Giants' neck all these years.

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