David White

March 15, 2014

David White's Three-Point Stance: Barry's back and getting paid

Barry Bonds' bank account is growing again, Fresno State may be on the verge of rejoining the not-so-exclusive national hoops postseason club, and Jonathan Martin finds a home.

1. Barry Bonds is back with the San Francisco Giants, kissing and making up with the media, sharing friendly neighborhood tips with young players, signing autographs for fans. Just goes to show how hard it is for even the greatest of stars to live away from the spotlight ... and how, no matter how much money they made in their careers, how nice it is to draw a fresh paycheck again.

2. The Fresno State men's basketball team won't be going to the NCAA Tournament, and likely won't get into the National Invitation Tournament either. But, at 17-16, the Bulldogs always have the College Basketball Invitational and College Insider postseason tournaments to fall back on. Which is great, because for a minute there, I thought men's college basketball had a postseason as watered down as football's bowl system.

3. Great to see the 49ers give Jonathan Martin a soft landing spot after he left the Dolphins in midseason because of bullying in the locker room that went far beyond the acceptable norm. Anyone who thinks Martin should have just put up with that sort of workplace abuse is free to hire Richie Incognito to work in the next cubicle over.

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