David White

February 22, 2014

David White's Three-Point Stance: Come on already Niners, extend Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh's "trade," that Olympic hockey nonsense and the soon-to-be spring sighting of Barry Bonds are on the three-point radar.

1. So, the 49ers "reportedly" kicked around the idea of trading coach Jim Harbaugh to the Browns for draft picks to be picked later. Because, hey, coaches-for-picks worked out great for the Raiders when they traded away coach Jon Gruden and he won a Super Bowl the next year in Tampa ... I mean, when the Jets shipped off Bill Belichick and did the same thing in ... oh, just pay Harbaugh his Super Bowl money already before he wins one somewhere else.

2. Well, Canada knocked off our men's and women's ice hockey teams at the Winter Olympics. Is it really that un-American, though, to be fine with it? I mean, there aren't 20 people south of North Dakota whose lives were crushed by either event. Ice hockey is all Canada cares about; It doesn't even make our top 10. We haven't let Canada hoist a Stanley Cup in 20 years. Let 'em have their golden puck once every four years and call it even.

3. The Giants are bringing back Barry Bonds as a spring training instructor. We assume there's no truth to the rumor he'll require three stalls and a leather chair in the coaches' changing room.

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