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  • Fresno State's Derron Smith on preparing for New Mexico

    Fresno State free safety Derron Smith talks about preparing for New Mexico's option offense, and about his reaction to Kyrie Wilson's pick-6 against Southern Utah and his own fumble recovery against the Thunderbirds. 3 hours ago

  • Fresno State football: Looks like Brian Burrell for quarterback

    Fresno State came out of a blowout victory over Southern Utah with a No. 1, a No. 2 and a No. 3 quarterback, and while coach Tim DeRuyter didn't want to put Brian Burrell, Brandon Connette or Zack Greenlee in any particular order with the Bulldogs...

  • Some pro ball in town better than none

    The Warzone takes on all comers in his weekly notes column. 8 minutes ago


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