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You can buy legal marijuana in four months. But is California ready to sell it?

With four months left until full legalization, the apparatus to regulate commercial cannabis sales in California is being built on the fly. Up to 82 people must be hired. Software …
Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom promoted the marijuana measure and it was largely funded by entrepreneurs who intend to profit from legalized weed. They all left the details to be worked out by others. Legislation passed as part of the 2017-18 budget filled in some blanks. But much is to be determined.
Thumbs up, thumbs down: Sign of sympathy could save lives
Doctors and nurses unions fight disclosure. What they don’t want you to know

Letters to the Editor

Did rally protesters cause the violence?
Now we know how Muslims feel when evil hijacks the nation
Celebrate one another with respect, dignity

Valley Voices

Mrs. Jackson worked for my family wearing bedroom slippers. Her love and humor transcended age, race, oppression of post-slavery Dallas.
Don’t panic; health care is not collapsing
Ding dong! Don’t freak out, it’s just the doorbell
Unsure about Confederate statues? Ask yourself if you support white supremacy

Victor Davis Hanson

Silicon Valley billionaires are the new robber barons

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