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Fresno County: Get the lead out

Fresno, like many communities across the nation, has been addressing lead exposure in children in meaningful ways for decades. But in 2002, the story of the seven children of Mai …
Peeling paint and mold in the bathroom window frame of a Fresno apartment was typical of blighted housing in Fresno and a risk factor for children’s exposure to lead. /
Republicans wants your boss to know your DNA
Brown is wise to seek common ground with Trump

Letters to the Editor

Filling a printer cartridge isn’t any different than reloading a shotgun shell
I hope Trump voters are happy
Help Mexico, and we won’t need a fence

Valley Voices

Courthouse ICE raids are not Trump’s doing
‘Tell those stories’ of the black experience: They are pure gold – Oscar gold
Larry Hill: Daddy knew a ‘swindler’ when he saw one. Trump is just the latest
Sarah’s legs were skinny pogo sticks, but she comforted our boys and loved us out of our pain. How I miss my canine baby girl.

Victor Davis Hanson

Should college protesters and rogue nations get discussion or a hard slap?

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