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  • Paul A. Garcia: One more Navarrette 'uninvite'

    With the recent nationwide release of the movie "Cesar Chavez: An American Hero," there have been growing discussions surrounding the movie on immigration reform, farmworker conditions and educational equity.

  • Danielle R. Shapazian: Even now, I hear a song that made me roar

    The man called me a dog. More precisely, he described me as a dog with a bone. He wasn't delivering his assessment with a chuckle. His was a serious slam of words, an insult flying through my computer screen with an unsettling ferocity. Was this...

  • Beth Linder Carr: I'll always cherish my 'Grapes'

    The tears still well up as I read the final pages of "The Grapes of Wrath" again. I can't remember how many times it's been. I generally make up a number when asked — 10, 12? — and then hold up the paperback Penguin edition that has been with me...

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