June 17, 2014

Tulare County Supervisor Ennis likely faces November run-off

With all votes counted in the June primary election, it appears Tulare County 5th District Supervisor Mike Ennis will face Virginia Gurrola in a November run-off after all.

Initial results from the June 3 election showed Ennis with more than 50% of the vote, meaning he would not face an opponent in November.

But with all votes counted, Ennis has 49.75% vs. 23.01% for Gurrola, according to the Tulare County Elections Division.

Ennis admits that he was "a little disappointed" by the outcome because it means another round of seeking donations from supporters to finance a campaign. But he said he will not seek a recount.

"It is what it is," Ennis said. "That's politics."

Greg Shelton came in third with 15.29% and Felipe A. Martinez fourth with 11.75%.

Ennis stayed above 50% as provisional and absentee ballots turned in at the polls were tallied in the days after the election. But he fell below that magic number Friday when all ballots had been counted.

Ennis received 4,122 votes out of 8,286 cast, 22 votes short of 50% plus one vote.

It appears that Shelton and Martinez tallied enough votes to affect the results, Ennis said.

Gurrola, a member of the Porterville City Council, said she never gave up hope.

"You think it may not go your way -- I still hung in there," she said. "We're very excited, very enthused."

The results show a majority of voters in District 5, covering southeast Tulare County, want a new supervisor, Gurrola said.

She predicted that the November election will have a higher turnout that will work in her favor.

Even though all Tulare County ballots are now counted, the vote tally is not official because the elections officials are "double-checking and triple-checking," said deputy elections supervisor Kari McCully.

Certified results will be submitted to the California Secretary of State's Office on July 2.

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