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March 12, 2014

Swearengin campaign gets local home

City Beat

George Hostetter has his feet on the ground and his eyes on City Hall

State of California controller candidate Ashley Swearengin now has a local campaign headquarters — 2444 Main Street, suite 125.

The site is located west of the Federal Courthouse, about a block from City Hall where Swearengin works in her day job as Fresno’s mayor.

Campaign consultant Tim Clark said work proceeds on getting the office equipped and ready for work.

“Things this week have been low-key publicly,” Clark said. “Behind the scenes, they’ve been very busy.”

Clark said Swearengin will do no campaigning this week.

“Being mayor comes first,” he said.

City officials say Swearengin and her team of senior managers are busy with next year’s budget. City Council hearings on the new budget sometimes begin in May. Primary election campaigns for statewide office usually are most intense at that time.


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