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January 27, 2014

Sewer project on Ashlan won't last forever

City Beat

George Hostetter has his feet on the ground and his eyes on City Hall

The big $5.4 million sewer project on Ashlan Avenue in northwest Fresno is on schedule, said city Public Works Deputy Director Robert Andersen.

That means Fresnans must negotiate another three months of construction work.

The sewer line between Del Mar and West avenues needs repair in some spots and new pipe everywhere else. City Hall is in charge of overseeing the work of a private contractor, even though most of the line is in a county island.

Some residents in the area are wondering if the project will ever end. Traffic on Palm Avenue can’t turn west on Ashlan because of the work.

Andersen said work was halted for about a month while Christmas Tree Lane (Van Ness Avenue) was going strong. He said this delay was part of the original deal with the county.

Work on the project began Sept. 3 and is slated to end April 25.


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