Academic All-Stars

May 30, 2014

Sixth grade, Victoria Sanchez, Eric White Elementary

Though Victoria Sanchez says she works hard to live up to her older sister's achievements, the star softball pitcher and math whiz is making a name for herself.

Though Victoria Sanchez says she works hard to live up to her older sister's achievements, the star softball pitcher and math whiz is making a name for herself.

"I want to live up to what she has done because she's also very smart," Victoria said.

But Victoria's perfect score on the state math test proves she is also "very smart."

Math is her favorite subject, and she hopes one day her interest in it will take her to Stanford University for college.

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Even though she knows all the answers, she's the type of leader who encourages others to be a part of the group, said her teacher, Marie Bustinza at Eric White Elementary School in Selma.

"She doesn't pretend to know everything," Bustinza said. "She's not always taking the show."

This applies on the softball field, too, Bustinza said. Bustinza is also Victoria's coach and described her as an "outstanding pitcher."

Victoria's softball awards reflect her competitiveness. Not only has she been the most valuable player for the softball team for the past two years, she has also been the MVP for three years on the Selma Shock all-star team.

Bustinza said Victoria is a natural leader who leads by example, and her principal, Sandra Aguilera, agrees.

"She's a very good role model for other students," Aguilera said.


Age: 12

School: Eric White Elementary

Home: Selma

Parents: Jose and Grace Sanchez


Trenton Luera, 12, Fresno

School: Mountain View Elementary, Fresno

Parents: Tina and Victor Luera

Achievements: "I had heard tales prior to (Trenton) being in my class about what a great kid he was and part of me was skeptical," said Trenton's teacher, Melissa Holdener. She found out those views were true. Trenton has received the 4.0 principal's medallion every year since fourth grade.

He was the student council vice president in fall, and moved up to president in the spring. He is in choir, and on the football, basketball and baseball teams at school. He was also a student representative and helped Mountain View earn the Bonner Virtue Award. "Even with all of these achievements, Trenton is humble and sincere," Holdener said.

Canaan Campbell, 13, Easton

School: American Union Elementary, Fresno

Parents: Anna and Chris Campbell

Achievements: Canaan plays basketball, baseball, football, soccer and track, and has won an award in every one, said his teacher, Jeannette Hedge. "Some are awards elected by his peers, showing the kind of support he offers to receive the responses from them," she said. Canaan has also received the principal's honor for having a 4.0 GPA every year. He won the district spelling bee and took first place at the school science fair. "Although he wants to personally succeed, he wants others to succeed," Hedge said. "He encourages everyone around him to do well."

Keenan Stoker Madsen, 11, Clovis

School: Mountain View Elementary, Fresno

Parents: Josh and Tiffany Madsen

Achievements: Keenan not only has a 4.0 GPA, he plays football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball and track. He also is a Boy Scout and part of Kids on Patrol. "He goes above and beyond with everything that he does, giving his personal best every time," said his teacher, Candice Smith. He is in the GATE program, student council and is quite the businessman, delivering eggs, mowing lawns and baby-sitting. "He is constantly making good choices in and out of the classroom," Smith said.

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Sixth grade, Victoria Sanchez, Eric White Elementary

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Eighth grade, Neil Maitra, Edison Computech Middle

Ninth grade, Emma Marie Boone, Clovis West High

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