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December 22, 2013

Word on the Street: Produce farm opens organic store north of Kingsburg

This week's Word on the Street profiles a new farm store near Kingsburg, a woman who recently started an organizing service and a northwest Fresno gun retailer that also manufactures guns.

KMK Farms in Kingsburg, a well-known grower of organic produce, is expanding with the opening of a new farm store.

KMK Organic Farm Store recently opened its doors at 12859 S. Mendocino Ave., near Mountain View Avenue north of Kingsburg. The 1,400-square-foot store used to be a fruit stand, but was renovated with reclaimed wood and other materials to give it a barn-like feel.

"The stand has been completely rebuilt and it looks great," said Molly Lawson, the store manager.

The store will stock KMK's wide variety of produce and other organic products, including jams and jellies from Jelly Ranch in Kingsburg and olive oil and balsamic vinegars from Bari Olive Company in Dinuba. The store also plans to add organic dairy products, meat and coffee to its stock.

The family-run farm will also continue to sell its produce at local farmers markets and through the Farmer's Daughter CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that will also use the store as a pickup location for its customers.

"This gives us another opportunity to reach out to more customers in the Valley who want organic products," Lawson said.

The year-round farm store will be open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays.

Turning an organizing obsession into a business

A Fresno woman who says she can spend hours organizing home offices, kitchens and files has decided to turn her passion into a business.

Beverly Mitchell started a professional organizing service called Order Me Divine in October. She helps home owners and business owners declutter and straighten out messy corners, cabinets and rooms.

"I've always loved to organize since I was a little kid, kind of obsessively," Mitchell said. "I like feeling very satisfied with what I've done and I'm wanting to do more. My family thinks I'm crazy."

Home offices, kitchens and closets are the most popular places to clean up, Mitchell said. She also helps people who are downsizing from a large house to a smaller one. In that case, organizing is about deciding what to keep and what not to, she said.

Mitchell is doing her work in the Fresno, Clovis and Madera areas. She begins her consultations with a phone interview and then a visit to the home or business. A typical job takes about three to four hours to complete, Mitchell said.

For information visit: or call (559) 978-0557.

Making guns in Fresno

A new gun store is setting up shop in northwest Fresno, not only as a full-line retailer of firearms but also as a rifle manufacturer using computer-controlled milling machinery.

Full Spectrum Firearms opened in mid-November in its 5,400-square-foot building at 4708 N. Marty Ave., just south of Shaw Avenue. For now, the owners -- Garrett Chojnacki, his father Jon Rains and gunsmith Mike Badella -- are operating out of the back part of their shop until construction of the showroom is finished, likely in late January.

Chojnacki said a grand opening is planned for February.

The company has developed its own version of the popular AR-15 rifle called the Trident 15, using precision-milled, aircraft-grade aluminum to create the guts of the rifle. The Trident 15 has a base price of $949, but Chojnacki calls it "a man's 'Barbie' doll -- you can accessorize it all you want" with custom features that can run the price into the thousands. ("Barbie" is a registered trademark for Mattel's popular dolls.)

Full Spectrum plans to manufacture versions of the AK-47 and AR-10 rifles, provides customized paint jobs for guns, and sells a full retail line of firearms including handguns and shotguns.

Details: (855) 556-6969 or the company's Facebook page.

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