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Clovis Unified general session rally in Save Mart Center

More than 5,000 Clovis Unified School District employees and students attended the general session rally held Aug. 18 in the Save Mart Center. With “Doc-isms” — words of wisdom from the district’s late founding superintendent Floyd “Doc” Buchanan — emblazoned on the back of their t-shirts, employees gathered for an awards ceremony and speeches to get them pumped up about the new school year. The event began with a tribute to Doc Buchanan and ended with a dance-off.

Clovis News

The first week of school — by the numbers

On the morning of Aug. 24, 104 school buses hit the road, ready to transport Clovis Unified School District students to their schools for the first time in two months. Shortly thereafter, at 7:40, the first bell at many district schools rang. And with that, the first day of the 2015-16 school year was underway.

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