Almond farmers unshaken by lower prices, cooling markets amid bumper crop

Almond harvest has begun in the San Joaquin Valley and with it comes the hope of better prices, expanding markets and stronger consumer demand. Growers could be looking at a bumper crop, but that comes as the industry faces falling prices and cooling demand in some previously hot markets. Despite that, growers remain optimistic that they can develop new products and find new markets to ensure their nuts keep flying off the store shelves as fast as they are shaken off the trees.


Feds sue garlic grower after contractor’s crash kills migrant workers

The U.S. Labor Department is accusing a Coalinga-based garlic grower of violating worker-safety and transportation laws in connection with a 2015 van crash that killed four farm laborers on Highway 152 in Merced County. The government says the unusual move in U.S. District Court in Fresno is aimed at sending a sterner message to growers that they cannot use a labor contractor as a screen to absolve themselves from responsibility for complying with federal safety laws covering employees being driven to fields.


Drought, lower prices eat away at Fresno County 2015 crop values

Fresno County’s crop value fell to $6.61 billion last year from a high of $7 billion in 2014 as the region battled drought, lower commodity prices and production issues. The drop was a disappointment, but not a surprise as the 2015 Fresno County Crop Report was presented to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. Almonds remain the county’s top crop, followed by grapes and poultry.


Hmong farmers struggle in drought

Hmong farmers talk about the challenges they are facing in the Valley, especially with the drought, and how it is affecting their crops.
Andrea Castillo The Fresno Bee
Hmong farmers struggle in drought 2:14

Hmong farmers struggle in drought

Farm adviser helping improve wine grapes in San Joaquin Valley 1:11

Farm adviser helping improve wine grapes in San Joaquin Valley

App connects farmers, farmworkers 1:01

App connects farmers, farmworkers

Dinuba manufacturer celebrates its 50th year 1:20

Dinuba manufacturer celebrates its 50th year