Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down
Drama, Comedy
Getting down, a well poured drink, drugs--preferably not the sketchy ones, bad boys, good boys, bad girls, good girls... to think of it, all boys and girls really, aquanet, booties, heels, did i mention getting down already? music. especially when it's good and loud at a bar or club, rollerskates, voyeurism, and anything that compliments debauchery, really. Rated R for pervasive drug content, strong sexuality, nudity, and language.
Cast: Michael FitzGibbon, Kat Turner, Davin Anderson, Cricket Leigh, Benny Ciaramello
Produced by: Hani Selim
Directed by: Paul Sapiano
Written by: Paul Sapiano
Running time: 1hr 30min
Opens: Mar 23, 2007 LA
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