The Tree (El arbol)
Filmmaker Gustavo Fontan uses a tree as a metaphor for the lives of his parents in this expressive documentary. On the day Gustavo's father Julio Fontan was born, his family planted a tree near his family's home. Years later, the tree is in sorry shape and Julio's wife Maria Merlino is certain it's dead. Given the steady stream of insects that pour in and out of the tree, Maria would appear to be right, but Julio refuses to give up, certain that the tree can somehow be saved. Gustavo follows his folks through the minutia of their daily routines and frequent conversations about the ailing tree while they try to come to some sort of compromise. El Arbol (aka The Tree) received its premiere at the 2006 Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide Rated No Rating .
Cast: Gustavo Fontan, María Merlino, Julio Fontan, Federico Fontan
Produced by: Stella Czerniakiewicz
Directed by: Gustavo Fontan
Written by: Gustavo Fontan
Running time: 1hr 5min
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