In this cinematic concert, mesmerizing images are plucked from everyday reality, then visually altered with state-of-the-art digital techniques. The result is a chronicle of the shift from a world organized by the principles of nature to one dominated by technology, the synthetic and the virtual. Extremes of intimacy and spectacle, tragedy and hope fuse in a tidal wave of visuals and music, giving rise to a unique, artistic experience that reflects the vision of a brave new globalized world. Rated PG for violent and disturbing images, and for brief nudity.
Cast: Marlon Brando, Elton John, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Documentary, Bhagwan Mirchandani, Bella Donna
Produced by: Joe Beirne
Directed by: Godfrey Reggio
Written by: Godfrey Reggio, Philip Glass
Running time: 1hr 29min
Opens: Oct 18, 2002 NY/LA
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