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    Deliver us from 'Deliver Us from Evil'

    "Deliver Us from Evil" is based on the real life of New York detective Ralph Sarchie. The film based on his memoir is so slowly paced and ends up dwelling so long on extended explanations that it would have been better if Sarchie had embellished some of his "true" stories. Except for an unnecessarily...


    'Earth to Echo' never gets off the ground

    "Earth to Echo" would love to be the "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" for the 21st century. But the new movie is to "E.T." what Reese's Pieces is to lumps of sugar. They share an ingredient, but one is far more satisfying.


    Unfunny, tired 'Tammy' wastes talented cast

    It's difficult to decide whether the new Melissa McCarthy comedy "Tammy" is such a major disappointment because it's so poorly written and acted or because it is such a monumental waste of talent.


    'Transformers: Age of Extinction' a mega dud

    "Transformers: Age of Extinction" is the crown jewel in director Michael Bay's career of making bloated and juvenile action pictures that put more emphasis on product placement than script. This isn't as much entertainment as an attempt to beat the moviegoer into submission with repetitive action...


    'Think Like a Man Too:' More heart, less Hart, please

    The nearly complete lack of laughs in "Think Like a Man Too" is reason enough to suggest that this production filmed in Las Vegas should have stayed in Las Vegas. What makes this waste of talent so much worse is that it's a sequel to such an endearing and funny film in the 2012 release "Think Like...


    Post-apocalyptic 'Rover' has no bite, but leave it alone

    Director David Michôd's "The Rover" is as dark and depressing as the harsh Australian landscape that is the backdrop for this after-civilization setting. The draining tale eventually meanders long enough until it gets to an ending that's more idiotic than ironic because the script by Mich&#...


    'Jersey Boys' performers outshine off-key screenplay

    The traditional way of transforming a stage musical into a feature film is to retain the spontaneous performances where people break into song at any moment. That was the approach used in film adaptations of musicals such as "The Wiz," "Rock of Ages" and "Mama Mia!"


    '22 Jump Street' does not one-up '21'

    Two years ago, "21 Jump Street" found humor not just from lampooning the source material of the '80s TV series, but by poking fun at itself. That poking continues in "22 Jump Street" with plenty of self-deprecating jokes about how sequels are never as good as the original.


    'Signal' ending much too predictable

    Director William Eubank's "The Signal" is structured like an M. Night Shyamalan movie — and not one of his good ones.


    'Ernest and Celestine' a tale of opposites with a bear, mouse

    In a word, scale is what gives "Ernest and Celestine" such gentle charm. Ernest is a big, burly bear. Celestine is a tiny, cheery mouse. The contrast in their sizes — he could pop her into his mouth as an appetizer — only adds to the appeal of their endearing, opposites-attract friendship...

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