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August 23, 2014

Retail Therapy: Keep baby warm with Bags of Sugar

A squirmy baby was the inspiration for the Clovis company Bags of Sugar.

A squirmy baby was the inspiration for the Clovis company Bags of Sugar.

Linsey Wright calls the products she sells online "to-go bags" for babies. The bags are colorful, soft fabric sacks designed to keep a baby warm.

Wright has three boys ages 1, 3 and 5 and invented the bags as an alternative to a blanket when carrying her baby around during the day.

"While I was chasing after my older two, I couldn't keep my youngest covered in a blanket and he hated being swaddled," she says. "Blankets slip off or they fall off or the kids pull on them."

The bags, which are not designed for sleeping, are like an extra layer of clothing to keep a baby warm. They are for babies who weigh 10 pounds or larger. There's no zippers or buttons, just an elastic band that keeps the bags on and still allows the baby to kick.

The upper part can be folded down or tucked around the baby for warmth.

Wright came up with the idea for her son Ben last year. People she didn't know saw it and inquired about the bags. So she had a local seamstress make some and began selling them online for $59.95 at

The bags come in a variety of colors and are reversible. One bag has colorful butterflies on the outside and robin's egg blue fabric on the inside. Others have tractors or hearts.

The online shop also sells matching receiving blankets for $19.95.

The name Bags of Sugar came from Wright's tendency to call her little ones "sugar" and because carrying around a baby is a bit like carrying around a bag of sugar.

For now, Wright is focusing on building the business online, though selling through stores may be in the future.

You can see the bags on the website,, on Facebook,, on Twitter,, and on Pinterest,


Target has expanded hours at many of its stores by an hour in an effort to attract late-night shoppers. That means you can now buy 48 packs of toilet paper til 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday at most Fresno stores.

Two stores — the River Park Target and the Willow and Herndon avenues Target in Clovis — are open until midnight on Saturday nights now.

Check online for store hours.


The Winco on Peach Avenue has added self-checkout lanes, and soon every Winco store nationwide will have them. The grocery store eliminated express lanes a while ago, and the self-checkout lanes will take over that function for customers in a hurry.


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