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Elderly mother’s friend pressures her to donate money

Dear Amy: My husband and I manage my mother’s finances. She’s 88 years old. After my father died a decade ago, she began to donate to dozens of charities, beyond what she could afford. Anyone that solicited her typically got a donation. In some cases, there were recurring donations coming from her checking account that she didn’t even remember setting up in the first place.

Ask Amy

Family grabs credit for younger generation’s achievements

Dear Amy: Can you resolve a family debate? Whenever my niece or nephew (they are my brother’s kids) do something great (get into a top college, win a scholarship, look beautiful in a picture, become the top football scorer) my dad and my sisters and I all say something to them like, “You got that from our side of the family” or “You got that from me,” or “You are smart because of us.”

Stacey Gonzales, mother of shooting victim Janessa Ramirez, 9, speaks of forgiveness for her daughter's killer

Stacey Gonzales, whose daughter Janessa Ramirez, 9, was killed in the crossfire of a gang shooting in 2015, speaks on how she can forgive her daughter's killer, Brian Cook, who was sentenced for the crime last week.
Craig Kohlruss