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May 30, 2014

Teague: Power of sun can kill off nasty weeds

Three of the most common summer weeds in our area (spotted spurge, purslane and creeping wood sorrel or oxalis) are among the most difficult weeds to permanently eradicate. All three of these low-growing broadleaf weeds are prolific seed producers. Each spurge plant (annual, thick purplish mats, small oval leaves on stems that produce a corrosive milky sap) sets thousands of seeds over its long, April through October, growing season. Purslane (annual, thick succulent ovate leaves, thick stems) does the same. Oxalis (perennial, small clover-like leaves, small yellow flowers) sets seed pods that explode, scattering seed over a 10-foot radius. These three weeds grow too low for mower blades to cut off seed heads before they set seed.

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