Game review: 'Project Cars' a realistic driving simulator

The world of car-racing games has been in dire need of a true simulator experience given the majority of games released in 2014 have been a mix of arcade and sim. "Project Cars" is developed by Slightly Mad Studios, which was founded back in 2009 to create their first racing title, "Need for Speed: Shift." Slightly Mad Studios has developed several titles since then with "Project Cars" being its first realistic driving simulator. After racing through countless tracks around the world and finding myself behind the wheel of a wide variety of vehicles, I can safely say that only realistic driving simulator aficionados need apply.


National issues sure to impact your future

With social media at your fingertips, it's really easy to get distracted. Whether you spend hours live-tweeting the latest episode of "Scandal," squabbling about the color of that wretched dress or binge-watching BuzzFeed videos, time flies. With the Internet playing tug of war with your attention span, it's often hard to focus on the issues that teens should be concerned about and take action to resolve.


Lean In: Ginny Gilder, two-time Olympian

"You're too small, Ginny, you'll never make an Olympic team," asserted my first-ever rowing coach, way back in the late winter of 1978. I had just taken an enormous risk, as I stood in the basement of Yale's Payne Whitney Gymnasium. I had confessed my dream, which was admittedly outsized at that point, to somebody whose opinion not only mattered, but whose emotional support could play a vital role. But, alas, the easy road did not lie ahead for me.

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