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It should be less about Trump and more about America

Throughout his career as developer, actor, businessman, consummate deal maker, Donald Trump has focused on one primary goal: to make more money for himself. In his new role of president of the United States, his goal should be as a leader to make decisions that that benefit the citizens of the United States and the people of the world. A narcissist, Mr Trump continues to focus on himself rather than the people who entrusted him to be our leader. Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and the Roosevelts were strong, dedicated leaders who put America and her people above their own whims and ambitions. Mr. Trump needs to emulate the great leaders who preceded him. It’s not all about him, it should be all about us!

Letters to the Editor

Children locked up makes America like Nazi Germany

Recently Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon tried to visit the detention facility in Brownsville, Texas that reportedly has 1,000 children locked up in cages. I say reportedly because Sen. Merkley was not allowed to go in, nor has any other member of Congress. In a separate facility, he did observe children locked in cages, animal-kennel style.

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