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What restaurants topped Fresno’s People’s Choice Awards this year?

The winners of the Fresno Bee’s 2017 People’s Choice Awards are out. I always get a kick out or the results, which prompt lots of questions and thoughts: Is there anything new I should check out? Really, that’s Fresno’s favorite? Or, Yes!, that’s my favorite, too. So I thought I would share links to the winners list, starting with the Food & Drink category, and offer a few observations.

Theater & Arts

‘Cinderella’ ballet offers lighthearted touch

Arts picks: Options for the week include State Street Ballet of Santa Barbara’s “Cinderella,” a goofy Fresno Choral Artists concert, a space-themed play at Fresno Pacific, a lecture by Fresno State visiting artist Cannupa Hanska Luger, and Men in Blaque at First Congregational Church.

Business Columns & Blogs

David Lazarus: Out of sync over a la carte TV pricing

Pay-TV companies lost nearly 800,000 video subscribers last year, almost twice as many as a year before – the latest evidence that a growing number of Americans are sick and tired of paying through the nose for hundreds of channels they never watch. But if the future of TV is paying only for the channels you want, the big question is how much each channel should cost. A new study indicates that consumers and pay-TV companies are far apart on this score.