August 19, 2014

Valerie Bertinelli stresses positive thinking as she prepares for Central California Women's Conference

Valerie Bertinelli's appearance as the keynote speaker for the "27th Annual Central California Women's Conference" is weeks away, but she already is writing her speech to go with this year's conference theme, "Nurture You!"

"It's about nurturing our souls, hearts and minds. How we should not let negativity seep in. It's about how we should never listen to that voice that says we are not good enough," an exuberant Bertinelli says.

"It takes as much energy to be depressed as being happy. When we are feeling happy it resonates with others. All you have to do is smile at somebody.

"We have the power to change. We forget that. You have to remember that we get so much more back when we give more."

From her TV debut on "One Day at a Time" to her current TV role on "Hot In Cleveland," Bertinelli always has come across as a ball of happiness and joy.

She acts on the programs, but her positive energy comes directly from the way she lives her life.

Even when she went public in 2012 about being overweight, Bertinelli was positive and upbeat in commercials for Jenny Craig She happily lost 40 pounds.

Bertinelli believes in the Golden Rule of dealing with others in the way you want them to deal with you. She does have bad days, and when she doesn't treat someone as nicely as she should she makes sure to remember it's always better to be nicer. That even goes for social media where she is known on Twitter as Wolfie's Mom in honor of her son, Wolfgang William Van Halen.

Bertinelli's plan for the conference is to talk for 30 minutes and then field as many questions from the audience as time will allow. She knows at least one person will ask what it's like to work with "Hot In Cleveland" co-star Betty White.

White, the 92-year-old actress, plus fellow co-stars Wendie Malick and Jane Leeves are a big reason Bertinelli is so upbeat these days. She counts White — along with Bonnie Franklin, her "One Day at a Time" co-star, and her parents — as the most influential people in her life.

"I get to go back to work in two weeks. I am so lucky. Look who I get to work with. Everyone is so talented. It's the best job because we laugh and have so much fun," Bertinelli says. "Betty is joy personified. She's spent her whole 92 years being happy."

The secret may be staying too busy to be unhappy. Along with starring in "Hot in Cleveland," Bertinelli wrote the New York Times best-seller "Losing It" and the follow-up "Finding It: And Satisfying My Hunger for Life without Opening the Fridge," plus released a fitness DVD and the cookbook "One Dish At A Time."

The secret to all this success starts with patience.

"You have to be patient with yourself and others. Organization is also important. I have been working long hours the last two weeks and so I am going to clean my closet. Clothes are everywhere," Bertinelli says.

"Sometimes, we don't have time to clean out our minds. I downloaded an app that's supposed to give you five minuets to breathe, be calm and meditate."

It will also help her get her speech written.

Conference tickets are $100 and includes continental breakfast, all seminars, the celebrity keynote speaker luncheon and the afternoon reception. A few of the 3,500 tickets still are available, but it is expected to sell out.

During Bertinelli's question-and-answer session, don't be surprised if it's the actress asking the questions.

"I want to know why they are there. What brought them to the event," Bertinelli says.

"When I do these kind of events, I learn so much. I always leave feeling smarter. And, I get so much love."


27th Annual Central California Women's Conference, 7:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sept. 16 at Fresno Convention and Entertainment Center, 848 M St. Tickets: $100 per person if registered by Aug. 30, $110 per person after Aug. 30, $75 per student with valid ID. Details:


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